Balle Sauvestre Magnum
  • Balle Sauvestre Magnum
  • Balle Sauvestre Magnum
  • Balle Sauvestre Magnum

Balle Sauvestre Magnum

€32.22 Tax included
Caliber: 12
Height: 16
Lenght: 76
Charge: 26g
Bullet type: Balle
Bourre: Jupe

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This product is unavaliable to out of France.

The Sauvestre BFS arrow cartridge in 20/76 Magnum caliber features a sub-caliber arrow with a very hard central core. This explains the excellent precision of the Sauvestre arrow in all types of shotguns. Upon exiting the barrel, the sabot separates from the arrow without disrupting its trajectory, stability ensured by the techno-polymer fletching and the shape of the arrow. This core is surrounded by a lead alloy mass, with a launching sabot consisting of two annular half-wads that provide gas tightness while offering the necessary flexibility for passage through the barrel, regardless of its choking.

Reference 199XH10BSA
Brand Sauvestre
Boite Boite de 6