Rx Helix Standard
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  • Rx Helix Standard

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Rx Helix Standard

€5,297.00 Tax included
Calibre Arme: 8x57 JRS
Longueur Canon: 56 cm
Finition Crosse: Bois
Grade: 2
Canon: I-Sight
Organe Visée: Amovible
Chargeur: 3+1

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Weight : 3.10kg

The Merkel RX Helix, an advanced linear rifle, meets hunters' expectations in terms of safety, ergonomics, and portability. With its rotating bolt system featuring six locking lugs, it ensures maximum safety in case of overpressure, while being shielded from dirt due to its internal design. Merkel's Safebolt mechanism ensures that the shot can only be triggered when the system is fully locked, with manual arming on the buttstock.

The ergonomics of the RX Helix are characterized by a secure rotating bolt combined with a truly linear repetition, allowing for constant visual contact with the target during rearming. The straight stock and internal arrangement of the bolt contribute to this feature. A precise and smooth direct trigger enhance the shooting quality.

The rifle's revolutionary Take Down feature allows tool-free disassembly in just three steps, simplifying transport and storage. The Bolt Barrel System enables unparalleled ease in disassembling the weapon, changing barrels and calibers, with the option to securely store the bolt head. This solution also simplifies cleaning by providing easy access to barrel and bolt components.

Reference 320590304
Brand Merkel