Rx Helix Noblesse
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  • Rx Helix Noblesse

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Rx Helix Noblesse

€9,983.00 Tax included
Calibre Arme: 308 Win
Longueur Canon: 56 cm
Finition Crosse: Bois
Grade: 7
Canon: Flûté I-Sight
Organe Visée: Amovible
Chargeur: 3+1

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The MERKEL RX Helix Noblesse linear rearmament rifle in caliber 9.3x62 delivers an exceptional shooting experience with its high-end features. Boasting an ultra-fast linear rearmament with a mere 6.5 cm stroke, this rifle ensures swift and efficient repetition. The confined bolt within the housing provides additional safety, while the separate cocker and the smooth, crisp, and precise trigger contribute to an outstanding shooting experience.

The rifle is equipped with a removable drop-down magazine with a 3+1 capacity for all calibers, offering great versatility. The rotary locking in the barrel with 6 lugs ensures maximum safety during firing. Additionally, the integrated mounting system allows easy installation of additional accessories.

A major advantage of the RX Helix Noblesse is its capability for complete disassembly in a matter of seconds without the need for tools, allowing, for example, interchangeability of calibers. This feature provides exceptional flexibility for hunters and shooters, facilitating caliber changes according to their needs. In summary, the MERKEL RX Helix Noblesse combines speed, safety, precision, and versatility in an elegant and high-end design.

Reference 320591308
Brand Merkel