Rx Helix Ds
  • Rx Helix Ds

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Rx Helix Ds

€6,036.00 Tax included
Calibre Arme: 308 Win
Longueur Canon: 56 cm
Finition Crosse: Bois - Finition Gloss
Grade: 5
Canon: I-Sight
Organe Visée: Amovible
Chargeur: 3+1

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The RX Helix DS Standard, equipped with custom-sized stocks tailored to the user's morphology, boasts several significant advantages: The Monte Carlo cheekpiece is designed with increased height, and the pistol grip is positioned closer to the trigger. These features make these firearms more ergonomic choices, facilitating faster target acquisition and providing increased enjoyment during shooting activities.

The linear rearmament with a bolt confined within the housing offers an ultra-fast process, entirely executed inside the housing through the multiplication of the bolt. This design ensures that the bolt does not move towards the shooter's eye, preserving concentration and aiming precision.

The firearm features a separate cocker and a direct trigger, adjustable, crisp, and precise, with a weight range from 900g to 1900g. The removable drop-down magazine, with a capacity of 3 rounds for standard calibers, ensures practical use. Safety is optimized with 6 locking lugs, a closed housing, and a manual cocking system. The manual cocking allows the user to prepare the system just before firing with a simple thumb pressure and is equally easy to disarm.

Other notable features include an integrated Picatinny rail, a threaded M15x1 i-sight barrel, detachable sights, and a Grade 2 quality wooden stock. Additionally, the firearm is fully dismountable in seconds and without tools, allowing, for instance, caliber interchangeability.

Reference 320592608
Brand Merkel