Skl 20
  • Skl 20

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Skl 20

€2,525.00 Tax included
Calibre Arme: 270 Win
Longueur Canon: 61 cm
Finition Crosse: Bois
Canon: Fileté
Organe Visée: Avec

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Weight : 2.6kg

The Sabatti Kipplauf SKL-20 testifies the revered European hunting tradition of the one shot philosophy, presenting a single-shot, break-action rifle with a tilted barrel. Crafted from a solid block of high-strength aluminum, the compact yet sturdy receiver follows the classic Jäger block for the locking system. Sabatti enhances the barrel locking mechanism with a robust design featuring conical claws, ensuring a more stable closure compared to similar rifles. The cold-hammer-forged steel barrel showcases Sabatti MRR rifling, offering precise performance. An adjustable front sight and an 11mm rail for scope attachment add to its versatility. Boasting unparalleled shooting quality, the rifle incorporates a highly dependable manual cocking system, seamlessly activatable and deactivatable. The stock and forestock, fashioned from carefully selected walnut, undergo meticulous handcrafting, checkering, and oil-polishing.

Reference 320922250
Brand Sabatti