Express 290
  • Express 290
  • Express 290

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Express 290

€2,706.00 Tax included
Calibre Arme: 30.06
Longueur Canon: 60 cm
Finition Crosse: Bois

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This product is unavaliable to out of France.

Weight: 3.3 kg

The Sabatti 290 over/under Express hunting rifle epitomizes exceptional craftsmanship, preserving the rich Italian gunsmith tradition since 1674. The receiver of this rifle is adorned with exquisite gold-colored hunting engravings. Featuring a stock with a cheekpiece and a pig's back, along with a tulip-shaped forend, it harmoniously blends elegance and functionality. Its CRMO steel barrel ensures remarkable precision, underscoring the dedication to excellence in its production.

Supplied in a carrying case.

Reference 320923225
Brand Sabatti