B. sauvestre ss plomb
  • B. sauvestre ss plomb
  • B. sauvestre ss plomb

B. sauvestre ss plomb

€36.88 Tax included
Caliber: 12
Height: 16
Lenght: 70
Charge: 21g
Bullet type: Balle
Bourre: Jupe

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This product is unavaliable to out of France.

The presented ammunition is in 12 gauge, with a length of 70 mm, a base diameter of 16, and a weight of 21 grams (324 grains), packaged in boxes of 5 cartridges. This cartridge is particularly recommended for hunting wild boar, roe deer, deer, and other large game. When used with a 61 cm barrel, the cartridge's performance varies at different distances. At 25 meters, the velocity is 483 m/s. At 50 meters, the velocity decreases to 431 m/s. At 75 meters, the velocity is 385 m/s. Finally, at 100 meters, the velocity reaches 345 m/s.

Reference 1990002BSA
Brand Sauvestre
Boite Boite de 5