Round Body Regal El
  • Round Body Regal El
  • Round Body Regal El
  • Round Body Regal El
  • Round Body Regal El

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Round Body Regal El

€8,069.00 Tax included
Calibre Arme: 20/76
Longueur Canon: 71 cm
Finition Crosse: Crosse Prince de Galles
Grade: 3

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Weight : 2.8kg

The REGAL EL model, featuring a unique selective trigger with automatic extractors, is available with barrel lengths of 67, 71, and 76 cm. It showcases full top and side ribs, a brass bead sight, and interchangeable chokes. The round receiver is intricately engraved with a hand-brushed pattern, accentuated by a chrome timer. Adorned with a grade 3 walnut stock finished in Prince of Wales style, the stock displays a long guard and fine checkering. Providing a reactive and smooth shooting experience with a selective single trigger and ejector, this model stands out for its versatility with interchangeable chokes, available in fixed and interchangeable versions. The ventilated rib and checkered buttplate in the stock complete the features of this elegant and high-performing shotgun.

Delivered with a briefcase

Reference 310800820
Brand Rizzini