Rx Helix Speedster
  • Rx Helix Speedster

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Rx Helix Speedster

€5,184.00 Tax included
Calibre Arme: 308 Win
Longueur Canon: 51 cm
Finition Crosse: Synthétique Noire
Canon: Flûté I-Sight
Organe Visée: Amovible
Chargeur: 3+1

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Weight : 3.30kg

The HELIX Speedster, featuring its revolutionary synthetic stock, marks a significant departure in the realm of hunting rifles. The innovative OmegaGrip, positioned on top, seamlessly integrates two traditional stock principles into a fast and ergonomic design. While classic thumbhole stock constructs excel in providing good ergonomics during shots, they reveal limitations during swift bolt action, particularly in the threading in and out of the thumbhole, causing obstruction.

The HELIX Speedster's new SpeedStock addresses this challenge. The thumb glides effortlessly along the ergonomic stock shape, smoothly transitioning into the shooting position on the OmegaGrip and retracting with equal ease during reloading. Notably, the stock comb is automatically adjustable and can be fine-tuned in height with a simple button press, a crucial advantage when using a scope. The SpeedStock is enhanced with Soft-Touch inlays, a height-adjustable stock comb featuring MemoryCheek-Piece function, tool-free interchangeable rubber butt plates in various lengths, an integrated Boresnake within the pistol grip, and a Slim QD sling swivel.

Reference 320582708
Brand Merkel