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Express 195

€2,378.00 Tax included
Calibre Arme: 30.06
Longueur Canon: 60 cm
Finition Crosse: Bois

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This product is unavaliable to out of France.

Weight : 3.2 kg

The Sabatti 195 shotgun stands out as an Express version featuring over/under barrels and a rifled core, meticulously designed to ensure exceptional robustness, reliability, and precision during big game hunting.

Its sidelock is entirely forged from a high-strength steel block, incorporating manual extractors as a standard feature. The manual assembly of the two rifled barrels follows stringent quality standards, ensuring consistent reliability in performance.

The sights, mounted on the top rib, are equipped with fiber optic inserts for quick and instinctive alignment. The rib is specifically designed to accommodate the mounting of optical sights.

The walnut stock and forend, crafted from carefully selected wood, are intricately worked, hand-checkered, and oil-polished. Unlike the Sabatti Express 190 model, the 195 model adopts a forend shaped like a duckbill, adding a distinctive touch to its aesthetics.

Delivered with a briefcase

Reference 320921925
Brand Sabatti