Chargeur 5+1 Coups Standard
  • Chargeur 5+1 Coups Standard

Chargeur 5+1 Coups Standard

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In standard caliber, as proposed here, the Merkel Helix RX magazine accommodates 5 cartridges. This brings the rifle's capacity to 6 rounds, counting the chambered cartridge. When used in place of the original magazine on the Merkel Helix RX, the high-capacity magazine allows for an additional 2 rounds to be fired. Acquired as an additional magazine, it remains available to quickly reload the Merkel Helix RX with 5 new cartridges in a single swift motion. The Merkel Helix RX high-capacity magazine is available in 4 different models, corresponding to 7 standard calibers (9.3x62, 243Win/308Win, and 7x64/270Win/30-06/8x57IS) and 3 magnum calibers (7RM/300WM/338WM).

Reference 4705900256
Brand Merkel