Ns 20 Classica
  • Ns 20 Classica

Ns 20 Classica

€37.86 Tax included
Caliber: 12
Height: 16
Lenght: 70
Charge: 32g
Shell: 5
Bullet type: Plomb Durci
Bourre: Jupe

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This product is unavaliable to out of France.

The exceptional quality of components, extensive expertise in reloading, and a consistent position at the forefront of production processes ensure superior performance for NSI cartridges in all hunting situations.

With a 12-gauge caliber, 12mm head, and 70mm shell, these cartridges offer optimal versatility. Featuring a plastic wad and a distinctive orange color, they stand out for their reliability and efficiency in the hunting field. Weighing 32g, they come in various shot sizes (7½, 8, 9½, 10 to 12), allowing precise adaptation to the specificities of each hunt. Each box contains 25 cartridges, providing a practical and comprehensive solution for discerning hunters.

Reference 198A8O0005
Brand NSI
Boite Boite de 25