Balle Sauvestre Mini Magnum
  • Balle Sauvestre Mini Magnum
  • Balle Sauvestre Mini Magnum

Balle Sauvestre Mini Magnum

€33.31 Tax included
Caliber: 12
Height: 16
Lenght: 70
Charge: 22.5g
Bullet type: Balle
Bourre: Jupe

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This product is unavaliable to out of France.

The Sauvestre Mini Magnum cartridges in 12/70 caliber are specially designed for firearms that have undergone stringent testing. Featuring a bimetallic bullet without any trace of lead, these Sauvestre arrow bullets ensure high initial velocity and remarkable penetrating power. Ideal for big game hunting, they stand out for their excellent precision and flat trajectory.

Suited for all shotguns, whether smoothbore or rifled, with or without chokes, the Sauvestre Mini Magnum cartridges offer exceptional versatility. The Optimal Zeroing Distance (OZD) is set at 99 meters, emphasizing their adaptability to various hunting scenarios. With a caliber of 12, a length of 70 mm, a base of 16, and a weight of 20.6 grams (318 grains) per box of 5, these cartridges are a top choice for hunters seeking performance and reliability.

Reference 199WG80BSA
Brand Sauvestre
Boite Boite de 6